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Mondopad 80-inch

80-inch Touch Tablet for Your Conference Room
Part #: INF8021

This model is discontinued. See our current models here.

Present, annotate and collaborate on a giant 80-inch multi-touch PC with meeting participants in the room and around the world. Everything you need to visually present, capture and share ideas is at your fingertips – all beautifully integrated into a single 80-inch touch device.


  • Multi-touch anti-glare high definition 80-inch display
  • Flexible and expandable with built-in Windows PC
  • Digital interactive whiteboard and document annotation
  • Business-class video conferencing
  • Share, view and control from your tablet or smartphone
  • Full version of Microsoft Office
  • Made in the USA

80-inch Mondopad

The 80-inch Mondopad elegantly blends video calling, whiteboarding and more into one enormous glare-free touchscreen PC for efficient face-to-face collaboration with people anywhere in the world.

  • Generate, share and capture ideas
  • Bring teams together instantly from anywhere in the world
  • Get more done in less time with less cost and no travel
  • Captivate and collaborate with attendees in and out of the room
  • Anti-glare Gorilla Glass™
  • Connections: HDMI x 3 (2 in, 1 out), USB x 6, Ethernet x 2, VGA, component and RS232
  • Install it with an optional wall mount or mobile cart
InFocus 80-inch Mondopad collaboration solution


Diagonale 80"
Auflösung — nativ FHD / 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Displaytechnik LED edge-lit LCD
Touchscreen-Funktionen Edge-to-edge, Multi-touch, Support for 5-point Windows gestures, Glass protection overlay for LCD surface, Gorilla Glass, Anti-glare
Seitenverhältnis 16:9
Bildwiederholfrequenz 120 Hz
Pixel Pitch 0.630 mm
Sichtwinkel 176°
Lautsprecher Stereo 7W x 2
Speicher 120 GB SSD
Betriebssystem Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Prozessor Intel® Core i7-4770T, Q87 chipset with Intel vPro™ technology
Software des Lieferumfangs Microsoft Office Home and Business 32-bit, Mondopad interface software
Netzwerk-Hardware 802.3 10/100/1000 Base-T with Wake on LAN ×2
Geräusche < 40 dBA at 0°F / -17.8°C
Product Dimensions 74.8 x 4 x 50.3 in /
1899.9 x 101.6 x 1277.6 mm
Produktgewicht 190 lbs / 86.2 kg
Versandabmessungen 83.5 x 10.5 x 53.5 in /
2120.9 x 266.7 x 1358.9 mm
Versandgewicht 203 lbs / 92.1 kg




INF8021 Current Datasheet (Last Updated on Juli18, 2018)
INF7021a_INF8021_Combo_Doc_ENG Declaration of Conformity, Safety Information and Limited Warranty
Windows Video Driver Update Fixes Audio Issue with Windows 10 Devices
Mt Driver 41611 R3 Mt Driver 41611 R3
Qm01 Br07 Dmi Qm01 Br07 Dmi
Reference Documents
Dimensional Drawing Dimensional Drawing for the INF8021
Soundbar Installation Guide How to install your Soundbar
System Recovery How to recover from the hidden partition
Unpacking the Mondopad Instructions on how to unpack a Mondopad
Use Your Own OS (Windows 10 - 1080p) How to install your own copy of Windows 10 and the Mondopad Shell. For 1080p panels only.
Use Your Own OS (Windows 7) How to install your own copy of Windows 7 and the Mondopad Shell
Mondopad Firewall Port Requirements A list of firewall port requirements for use with Mondopad
INF7021a_INF8021_HandlingGuide_00 Unpacking instructions for INF7021a and INF8021
Pc Replacement Instructions Pc Replacement Instructions
2018 2019 Annual Calenders R2 Mondopad updated calendar images and installation instructions
Management Tool Software Software to perform advanced functions on the Mondopad
Whiteboard Converter Convert your 1080p InFocus whiteboard files to 4K or vice versa. All annotation preserved.
In Focus Control View2 0 V2 4 04 13 In Focus Control View2 0 V2 4 04 13
User Guides
Mondopad Shell 2.0 Admin Guide Administrators Guide for the Mondopad Shell 2.0
Mondopad Shell 2.0 End User Guide User Guide for the Mondopad Shell 2.0
RS232 Technical Guide RS232 Technical Guide for Mondopad INF7021 and INF8021
INF7021a_INF8021_Hardware_Guide_02 INF7021a_INF8021_Hardware_Guide_02