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JTouch 65-inch Whiteboard with Wireless Collaboration and Anti-Glare

65-inch Anti-glare Interactive Whiteboard with Wireless Device Connectivity and More
Part #: INF6501CBAG

This anti-glare 65-inch InFocus JTouch whiteboard display with wireless collaboration is a turn key solution for enhanced presentation, teamwork and content sharing.

Its bright, colorful, smooth-touch anti-glare touchscreen display creates an interactive touch experience that engages audiences and encourages interaction in the classroom and beyond.


  • 65-inch 1080p touch display every student in the class can see
  • Multi-point anti-glare touchscreen that is smooth to the touch, eliminates fingerprints and encourages interaction
  • No additional whiteboard software to buy or manage
  • Wirelessly display the screen of computers, tablets and smartphones
  • See content from four devices at once
  • Connect dozens of participants to the display and control who is presenting
  • Access your favorite web applications and resources with the built-in web browser
  • Display a PC, Mac or Chromebook via HDMI and enable touch via USB
  • Front-facing 4-port USB hub for added convenience

This model is discontinued. Consider the INF6502WBAG instead.

65-inch JTouch Whiteboard with Wireless Collaboration and Anti-Glare

The engaging and affordable whiteboard and wireless solution for your school or business that makes sharing and capturing ideas easy.

  • Draw, write and capture the notes with the built-in full-featured whiteboard
  • Anti-glare coating eliminates reflections, is smooth to the touch, and leaves no fingerprints
  • Wirelessly share content from your Windows, Mac or Android device with no additional software download required
  • Integrated web browser provides access to your favorite online content and tools
  • Display your PC, Mac or Chromebook via HDMI, VGA or component video
  • Convenient 4-port USB hub on the front of the display
  • Connect the display to your network via LAN or WiFi

“The touch-enabled LCD screen allows students to actively participate in classroom activities, engages them in learning and allows for more collaboration and interaction in the classroom.” --K-12 TechDecisions Magazine

"The JTouch with LightCast is the least expensive of the displays reviewed here...its good performance and range of features recommend it as a good choice." --Computerworld

Wireless Features

Display, annotate, collaborate with multiple wireless devices quickly and securely.

  • Use your device's native Miracast and AirPlay protocols to cast its screen to the display
  • Mobile device apps enable document annotation, support for cloud drive services, and stream of your device's camera
  • Display content from four devices at once with the QuadView feature
  • Teachers can control which students are presenting with the Moderator feature
  • On-board video decoding displays HD video seamlessly
  • Connect to your network to create a secure wireless web access point

Success Story: K-12 teacher uses JTouch and LightCast technology to individualize instruction

“During testing, everything -- connecting it to my Wi-Fi network, browsing on the Web, drawing on the display -- worked well together, making the JTouch not only the smallest, but also the best integrated package of the three [we tested].” --Computerworld


Diagonale 65"
Auflösung — nativ FHD / 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Displaytechnik LED edge-lit LCD
Touchscreen-Funktionen Edge-to-edge
Seitenverhältnis 16:9
Bildwiederholfrequenz 120 Hz
Pixel Pitch 0.630 mm
Sichtwinkel 176°
Lautsprecher Stereo 10W x 2
Product Dimensions 60.2 x 3.3 x 36.4 in /
1529.1 x 83.8 x 924.6 mm
Produktgewicht 110.2 lbs / 50 kg
Versandabmessungen 68 x 9.5 x 40 in /
1727.2 x 241.3 x 1016 mm
Versandgewicht 150 lbs / 68 kg




INF6501CBAG Current Datasheet (Last Updated on März15, 2018)
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