SIP2Phone Analog Speakerphone Bridge/Adapter

Use your analog speakerphone with Mondopad

Use the analog speakerphone you already have on your conference room table as a microphone and speaker during video calls on your Mondopad with InFocus SIP2Phone.

Enhance the audio of a Mondopad video call and collaborate at your best. When the Mondopad isn't being used, the speakerphone works as it always does -- nothing to plug, unplug or adjust.


  • SIP2Phone translates digital and analog signals, in real time
  • Easy one-time install on your network and it's always on, so you can install it and forget about it
  • One phone port and one line port, so your phone can also be used as the normal analog phone as it always has been
  • Powered by included 12V DC power adapter
  • No computer (other than Mondopad) required
  • Indicator lights make it easy to see the device's status

Download SIP2Phone install file here (MSI)


SIP2Phone Analog Speakerphone Bridge/Adapter
Produktgewicht 0.6 lbs / 0.3 kg
Versandgewicht 0.9 lbs / 0.4 kg
Anschlüsse Phone port, Line port, LAN port
Power 100-240 Volt Switching Power Adapter
Product Depth (in.) 4.3
Product Height (in.) 1.2
Product Width (in.) 4.5
Shipping Depth (in.) 5.5
Shipping Height (in.) 2.25
Shipping Width (in.) 9.75
Warranty 90 days



INASIP2PHONE Current Datasheet (Last Updated on März12, 2018)
Reference Documents
InFocus-SIP2PHONE-Install File for installing SIP2Phone on a Mondopad
User Guides
SIP2Phone_QuickStartGuide Step-by-step instructions to setup SIP2Phone with your Mondopad and analog phone